free bi-monthly angel messages for may/june 2020

Ponder this:  "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." Unknown                                                                                                                                              


These messages are my interpretations from my various decks 

of Angel oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Angel Messages



MAY:  The recent change in direction has assisted in putting you more clearly onto the right path, as your Angels cheer you on and protect.

JUNE:  Trust that the unraveling of your path is divinely directed and are guided by your Angels.


MAY: Keep the faith, for your needs will be met now and always. Your Angels have heard and are answering your prayers.

JUNE:  Choose to be an Earth Angel to another, and your spirit guides and team of Angels will help ease your load in this situation.


MAY:  This is a time to trust and follow the guidance of your Angels, for they support you through a much needed and significant life change.

JUNE:  The Angels of courage and healing  are with you now. They stand shoulder to shoulder surrounding you with protection and healing energy.


MAY:  A time for you to detox and release the blocks that hold you down or back. Self confidence returns  as your Angels help flush the yuk from your gut.

June:  Time to let go and let God (of your understanding) so that a more fruitful future may flow forth.


MAY:  The light is starting to come on in your head and in your heart.  Your Angels help you to come to an epiphany "aha" moment.

JUNE:  You may be feeling like a kid again, only so that you may recognize, embrace, and heal your "inner child" that's been crying for your attention.


MAY:  Prepare to take your next step, as you are starting to see your ship is headed to shore. Wise planning docks arising prosperity.

JUNE: Here starts your re-invention and finding your true life purpose. Forgive and shut the door on the past with compassion.

Angel Messages



MAY:  Start that list and get ready to act upon your plans. Abundant resources are ready and willing to reward your creative vision.

JUNE:  Your Angels say, "Breathe!" You are finally breaking free and new opportunities for success and happiness will unfold. Allow the past to evaporate.


MAY:  Sudden changes are getting ready to roll, and you may need to move quickly.  Your Angels say to use logic over emotion to go forth with clarity.

JUNE:  There may be three important family announcements coming forth that will be reasons to celebrate.


MAY:  That sinking feeling is now lifting and your Angels want you to stand up for what you know is right, and not about wanting to just be right.

JUNE:  Time for a more uplifting approach and untangle yourself from any attachment to the outcome. Let go and trust the process.


MAY:  There is much to accomplish and your Angels ask that you streamline your plan. Know you are protected  and watched over as you get ready to roll.

JUNE:  Time to release any feelings of guilt, regret or worry to your guardian Angels, and get more clear and focused on the outcome you desire.


MAY:  It may be hard to believe, but an uplifting, new emotional experience is getting ready to sprout. This will totally deepen your spiritual insights and be ever lasting.

JUNE:  It will be thru your kindness that you demonstrate your inner strength and self confidence.  All is forgiven. All is well.


MAY:  So you know this is all happening for a reason, and your Angels ask that you release any regret, and stay open for the reveal of the silver lining.

JUNE:  Delays are lifting, and here comes that new beginning and a change of direction that offers better opportunities and outcomes. Go with THAT flow.

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However, at times, as a companion to the services from your appropriate professional, a reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of the situation. The insight gained from a reading can reveal the tendencies and patterns within that led to the circumstance. My consultations are excellent for exhibiting sequences of events. If you ask, "When will I get married?" The reading may not spell out, "Saturday, January 28th at 6pm in the year 2022". But it could reveal to you what may need to happen, be changed, or be adjusted so that you are open and ready to find a life partner. This is where my clients get a great understanding of the Law of Attraction as well.  For example, did you ever have that experience when you said, "Thank Heavens that did not work out for how I was wanting it to "exactly" happen?"or, "I should of listened to my gut."
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